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Brilliant legacy dorama 5 recap dramabeans

Brilliant legacy dorama 5 recap dramabeans

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Here we are! The last of the year-end review series. This post is something new, but I thought it would be an interesting experiment.

Although each of us reviewers has our personal favorites, which we outlined in our personal reviews, it�s a different thing to move past preference and try to be objective in a. More � Tags: Accidental Couple, Again My Love, Assorted Gems, awards, Boys Before Flowers, Brilliant Legacy, City Hall, Editors' Picks, Friend Our Legend, IRIS, Kyung Sook Kyung Sook's Father, Queen Seon-deok, Return of Iljimae, Smile, Story of a Man, year in review, year in review 2009, You're Beautiful (I�m very pleased to introduce guest review #2, which comes to you courtesy of thunderbolt.

Tune back in tomorrow for more! �javabeans) Have you watched The Good, The Bad, The Weird? If you haven�t and the movie is available for rent in a store near you, pick it up and invite a few friends over. More � Tags: Accidental Couple, Again My Love, Assorted Gems, Brilliant Legacy, City Hall, Hometown of Legends 2009, Kyung Sook Kyung Sook's Father, Loving You a Thousand Times, Partner, Queen Seon-deok, Smile, Strike Love, The Man Who Can't Get Married, year in review, year in review 2009, You're Beautiful With the year coming to an end, that means it�s time to take stock of the past twelve months (well, eleven really) in kdramas.

The broadcast stations will be holding their awards ceremonies at the end of the month, and I�m working on my wrap-up of 2009�s offerings � as are some very talented (and. More � Tags: A Star's Lover, Accidental Couple, Angel's Temptation, Beanie Awards, Boys Before Flowers, Brilliant Legacy, Cain and Abel, Cinderella Man, City Hall, Dream, Friend, Heading to the Ground, Hero, Hon, IRIS, Ja Myung Go, Job Well Done, Loving You a Thousand Times, My Fair Lady, Partner, Queen of Housewives, Queen Seon-deok, Return of Iljimae, Smile, Sons of Sol Pharmacy House, Story of a Man, Strike Love, Style, Tamra the Island, Triple, year in review, year in review 2009 I know it seems like most of the attention for My Fair Lady is squarely focused on the three main leads, leaving out fourth wheel Moon Chae-won, but she�s not really being overlooked in the greater scheme of things.

(I do think her presence in the story is markedly less important than the other three. More � The last (and first) drinking interview I posted was with Kang Ji-hwan (Part 1 and Part 2). Here�s a new one featuring Han Hyo-joo, recent star of SBS�s hit weekend show Brilliant Legacy. Like Kang Ji-hwan�s, this one is also divided into two parts (Part 2 will be up soon!). �I haven�t had any. More � A drama that performs well right out of the gate is a drama the broadcast station wants to hold on to, so it�s no surprise that SBS�s Brilliant Legacy has confirmed a two-episode extension.

Currently halfway through its run, the series is closing in on 30% ratings. Furthermore, a source from the production team said. More � Yoon-ah, Park Su-jin The following article looks at pop singers who make the jump to acting and kind of falls into the �No duh� category with its statement of the obvious.

But I think the topic is interesting, even if the article is overly simplistic. (It could have been a more persuasive piece if it. More � SBS�s weekend drama Brilliant Legacy continues to perform well.

No, I�m still not following it � I just don�t think it�s for me � but by all accounts it�s zipping along nicely. The leads are the fresh-faced and cute Lee Seung-gi and Han Hyo-joo; but although he�s not the lead character, actor Bae Soo-bin is.

More � Moon Chae-won, Bae Soo-bin, Han Hyo-joo, Lee Seung-gi SBS�s Saturday-Sunday drama Brilliant Legacy [??? ??, aka Shining Inheritance] is pulling in the highest ratings among the weekend dramas, with yesterday�s episode recording a 26.8%.

It airs against KBS�s historical series Iron Empress (13.3%) and MBC�s Strike Love (4.1%, ouch). Meanwhile, at an earlier hour (weekends. More � recent posts� On the Way to the Airport: Episode 1� Looking for answers from W writer Song Jae-jung� Shopping King Louis: Episode 2� Jealousy Incarnate: Episode 9� Team Dramabeans: What we�re watching� Han Ji-min to cameo as Jo Jung-seok�s blind date in Jealousy Incarnate� Running Man: Episode 317� Open Thread #466� Moonlight Drawn By Clouds rejects extension, to end with 18 episodes� Shopping King Louis: Episode 1Categories � Celebrity News� Chungmuro News� Drama Casting & News� Drama Reactions & Reviews� Drama Recaps� Extended Glossary� Kpop & Music� Meta� Open Thread� Podcasts� Pop Culture & Society� Sitcoms/Variety Shows� Theater/Musicals Prime-Time Shows This WeekMonday-Tuesday (September 19-20)� Moonlight Drawn By Clouds 9-10 (KBS)� Monster 48-50 (MBC)� Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo 8-9 (SBS)� Drinking Solo 5-6 (tvN)Wednesday-Thursday (September 21-22)� On the Way to the Airport 1-2 (KBS)� Shopping King Louis 1-2 (MBC)� Jealousy Incarnate 9-10 (SBS)Weekend (September 23-25)� Laurel Tree Tailors 9-10 (KBS)� Blow Breeze 9-10 (MBC)� Flower in Prison 38-39 (MBC)� Our Gap-soon 9-10 (SBS)� Second to Last Love 12-13 (SBS)� Fantastic 7-8 (JTBC)� Cinderella and the Four Knights 13-14 (tvN)� The K2 1-2 (tvN) A drama that performs well right out of the gate is a drama the broadcast station wants to hold on to, so it�s no surprise that SBS�s Brilliant Legacy has confirmed a two-episode extension.

Currently halfway through its run, the series is closing in on 30% ratings.Furthermore, a source from the production team said on the 4th that talks are still ongoing to add another two episodes on top of that. The drama was originally planned for a 24-episode broadcast, which means that it will now end with Episode 26, and possibly Episode 28 pending the additional extension.The drama stars young actors (in order of photo) Bae Soo-bin, Han Hyo-joo, Lee Seung-gi, and Moon Chae-won and airs on SBS on weekends.Via Star NewsRELATED POSTS� Bae Soo-bin brightens up Brilliant Legacy� Brilliant Legacy leads the weekend pack 1 CW June 3rd, 2009 at 9:13 PMI�m not watching but I wonder if they are going to try to come up with something new for the additional 2 (or 4) episodes or will just not edit it as well.

I generally find it hard to watch any drama with more than 12 episodes these days (one reason why I watch jdramas more often) so I often wonder why a story needs 20+ episodes to wrap up. But I guess their audience will be glad. 4 Kender June 3rd, 2009 at 9:21 PMI think BL actually managed the 30% (30.4%, I want to say) ratings this past weekend, but I�m not sure where I saw that. Maybe Soompi?As long as the writer manages to keep the pacing pretty consistent the whole way through, I�m perfectly okay with the extensions.

I hope it doesn�t fall apart at the end, though. I�m really enjoying this show the way it is, and I�d hate for it to be ruined as a result of capitalizing on its awesome ratings.On a side note.

While I�m totally in love with Bae Soo-bin�s character and image (it�s the EYES *_*), this drama and 1 Night 2 Days are making me fall in love with Lee Seung-gi the actor/singer/man. SO ADORABLE. Kind of weird, but adorable. :3 5 Biscuit June 3rd, 2009 at 9:21 PMAt least it�s only 2 episodes more� I remember with the Queen of Housewives, although I liked the drama, it got draggy a wee bit, but thankfully ended okay.I hope that the ending is well for Brilliant Legacy ^^ 6 person June 3rd, 2009 at 9:34 PMit was already slated for 26 ep even before the series began.

im not sure if the additional 2 ep relates to adding on to 26 to make 28 or adding on to 28 to get 30. either way, im happy and hopefully they wont dragand yea, it already broke 30%. it got a 33.4% last episode 8 popcorn June 3rd, 2009 at 10:27 PMhmmm� I enjoy the show but I still fast forward like crazy�lolWill see�like coffee prince, I find things that ended up extending over the episodes plan tend to be draggy� 9 din June 3rd, 2009 at 10:34 PMbae soo bin doesn�t look like a 30+ yr old guy in this drama.

XDhe looks like in his 20�s. so dreamy & hot. hihihi.i thought he looked like that in POTW, but this is better, since he looks younger. bwahaha.& my moon chae won is still as pretty as ever X3 hahaha. 13 Ilbum noona June 4th, 2009 at 12:35 AMWow the rating went way up high.I�m curious about this drama seriously!!!I haven�t watched it but i will.Hope there will be no more additional episodes.Honestly, i don�t like drama with too many episodes.I�ll get bored as soon as possible.I don�t know why.It�s just too exhausted to watch drama with many episodes. 15 anna June 4th, 2009 at 1:47 AMAs if 24 episodes aren�t enough!Even with the high ratings, it doesn�t seem to get as much buzz around here.

I�m not one to watch a drama due to high ratings .most of the time it�s overrated (heh). The storyline just doesn�t seem THAT interesting. I�m kind of curious though. 17 Rong June 4th, 2009 at 5:08 AMactually i�m watching it now, at eps 3 and i don�t really see the appeal. but i have to say eun sung reminds me of song hye gyo. i�m not sure why but her smile is really pretty ya? and i like seung mi too cos she�s not as evil as her mum.

well, we�ll see how it goes ya? since it�s gonna go up to eps 26, i should just take my time and slowly watch. haha� 18 Angela June 4th, 2009 at 6:50 AMAs much as I�m liking this series, I really wish they�d stop will all the show extensions, and leave well-enough alone.

I don�t think I�ve watched a series yet where its benefited from extended episodes: it always seems to drag towards the end. Hopefully, this will be the exception� though I doubt it. 19 KOK June 4th, 2009 at 6:58 AM26 eps were by far enough, extending it so much will just hurt the pace, something I�ve liked about the drama.

The drama isn�t draggy to me at all right now, but if they�re gonna start stretching the storyline then it�ll be a pain. 28 eps is just silly.And yeah sunday�s broadcast hit 33% average, something even BOF didn�t do so quick, hopefully this means BOF�s �era� comes to an end. 20 mishane June 4th, 2009 at 7:45 AMOkay, for a drama with a simple storyline where you don�t hear much buzz about, is it strange for it to be getting such high ratings?I mean, I thought I was the only one watching this drama!

No one else really seems to talk about it. But I guess it�s a favorite?Which makes me happy because I�m loving it so far and I�m so upset that everyone is already on episode 12 while I�m still waiting for episode 7. ?? Dammit! I really need to understand Korean right now! 22 Aki June 4th, 2009 at 8:31 AMYayy .

Im actually happy� I feel too sad when a drama ends. Are other people watching it? There really isn�t much news about it. And I�m stuck on ep 8 because I can�t find subbed episodes (no fault of the subbers though). Is anyone doing recaps? Just so that I know what is happening. I�m going to study more korean � need to be good enough to understand dramas.Anyway why am I thinking about this now �.

History and Chemistry finals tmrw � (why in the world would they put those on the same day?? :S) 23 KOK June 4th, 2009 at 8:51 AMThe videos of Shiing inheritance were taken off and so Viikii is re-uploading the subs of the first 10 eps, hopefully all them will be up soon.Eps 11/12 were lost in some server problem and the subs will be have to be done again by Viikii so the wait goes on, I still haven�t seen the eps and 10 had such a good cliffhanger too:( 25 HeyCitrus June 4th, 2009 at 9:29 AMSince I am incapable of writing my thoughts in coherent paragraphs�I�ll make a list�� I�m also hoping the extension won�t ruin the series.

So far, the pacing is perfect.-JB, from what I�ve read of your previous reviews and such, it seems like you might not like it in terms of the storyline, possibly? Then again, if you can deal with BOF, then you can definitely deal with this drama. I�d say give it a try, if you�ve got nothing else to do, but you definitely need to watch more than 2 episodes to get into it. ??� I am ridiculously addicted to this drama, more so than BOF (which was an okay drama imo, but nonetheless addictive).

I constantly check for updates every Saturdays and Sundays�and even watch it without the English Subtitles�.and then watch it again.� The plot� It�s no doubt filled with cliches. It has your evil stepmother, spoiled rich brat, and wise, rich grandparent. However, I don�t think this drama overdoes it. In the later episodes (ep 6? 7?), you get a hint why Lee Seung Gi�s character is the way he is (and it�s a pretty legit reason). Plus, you see his better side with Moon Chae Won.

You also understand why the grandmother spoiled him. The evil stepmother�is well�pretty evil�but I don�t think her character is too extreme to the point that its ridiculous. Her manipulative actions just tend to have a snowball effect�but you do tend to hate her with every episode.

Moon Chae Won�s character is great as well�she�s not a bad character but just conflicted and misguided.� The acting� The acting is good. Han Hyo Joo improves with every episode. She may seem maybe slightly over the top with the first two episodes, but definitely in the later episodes, she conveys her emotions well.

Lee Seung Gi as well actIf you love kittehs, join me on Felisfire! Collect and breed different species of winged fantasy cats!Join me on!

Collect and breed virtual dragons. over 40 different types to choose from. Please bear in mind that I am not Korean, so a lot of the stuff dealing here with Korean culture are based on my own deductions from the drama itself, or research, and it may not be totally accurate, although I learned a lot about their culture just from this drama.

If you're a Korean reading brilliant legacy dorama 5 recap dramabeans blog and I might have misinterpreted or misread some cultural nuance, please feel free to explain it to me nicely. Episode 5The ninny duo!We left Eun Sung at the end of Episode 4 gaping in surprise when Butler Pyo brings her to a big house where Granny awaits her.

Granny now invites Eun Sung to breakfast while Jung and Young Ran are bursting with curiousity as to how and why she is there and who she is. Eun Sung is also bewildered how the old peasant woman she rescued turned out to be rich.

Granny now offers her a proposition: if Eun Sung comes to live with her, she will initiate a search for Eun Woo. Which causes Eun Sung to give her a weird look and ask whether she's all right.You okay, Granny?Hwan meanwhile is having breakfast with Young-Suk, and orders him to find Eun Sung. He aims to leave for the States soon, as soon as brilliant legacy dorama 5 recap dramabeans smooths down Granny's ruffled feathers, and he can't bear to think that she got the better of him.As soon as Eun Sung leaves, mother and daughter start in on Granny, asking why she has to have Eun Sung live in the house.

If she owed the girl a favor, why didn't Granny just give her a lot of money and call it quits?Just about this much, Granny! A whole lot!(This in Jung's typical shallow childish talk complete with exaggerated gestures. Honestly, I wonder Granny hasn't slapped her instead of her brother.) Granny gets mad at her though; it isn't even their own money they're talking about, but hers.

She orders that the third floor be cleaned and prepared for Eun Sung without any more back talk.Seung Mi, why so pretty.Seung Mi tells her mom she has been accepted to Jin-Seong Foods. Sung Hee asks her to type up her application for a Jin-Sung franchise as well, causing Seung Mi to ask where her mom was going brilliant legacy dorama 5 recap dramabeans get the money to finance it.

Sung Hee says she borrowed it from someone.Granny asks Director Park if the list of accepted applicants has been finalized, and tells him to add another name to the list. Director Park queries this on much the same grounds as Jung and Young Ran did, and of course gets a scolding from Granny as well.

He muses that something must�have happened to Granny in the week she was away, and she agrees: she "grasped a wire from Heaven."Eun Sung tells Hye Ri about Granny's proposal.

Of course pragmatic Hye Ri is all for it, but Eun Sung has reservations; she thinks she doesn't deserve it. Hye Ri tries to convince her to do it for Eun Woo's sake. Meanwhile, the people at the orphanage are worried about Eun Woo, who is�being difficult. And Eun Sung, walking down the street, sees that some of her flyers have been torn down. She comes to a decision and runs off.Oh no!When Sung Hee comes to visit, Young Ran tells her that her mom-in-law is driving her crazy; she's actually letting a stranger live in their house because she owes that person something!

(I wonder how long it will take for Sung Hee to find out who that stranger is? Seeing that she's often at�Granny's house their paths will be bound to cross sometime.) Meanwhile, Eun Sung receives a visit from In Young, who found out about Eun Woo's disappearance and traced her through Hye Ri.

She tells Eun Sung that Seung Mi has been looking for her. Hyeong Jin as well. She also finds out that Eun Sung is going to move into a nice granny's house.

(Uh oh, I sense major fireworks coming up. What will happen when.) .and sure enough, Hwan pulls up in his car just as Eun Sung comes through the gate of Granny's house. They catch up with each other on the front steps, and major major argument ensues, with Hwan grabbing her arm. Jung and Young Ran come running out to see what the commotion is all about; Jung and Young Ran tell him Eun Sung is coming to live with them, and Hwan tells them that Eun Sung is in fact the one who "stole" his bag.

Which of course get the mom-and-daughter ninny duo into a tizzy; they all yell at Eun Sung to leave. She tells him that if she'd known it was his house she'd never have come there, and storms off.only to run right smack into Granny as she arrives.

She tells Granny that she cannot come live with them after all, and leaves, crying. Granny goes off to confront her family. She tells Hwan to go and fetch Eun Sung back; if he can't or won't, then he should leave.

Eun Sung, still seething, goes back to the room she shared with Hye Ri. Then she receives a call from Jin-Seong Foods.

Hrm.Seung Mi realizes why her mom had her type her franchise application; she has to memorize whatever fibs Sung Hee told so that their stories would be the same. In the application Sung Hee says that Seung Mi's dad is dead (he's alive, but she would rather be a widow than a divorcee) and that her second husband is alive although out of the country.

She says that although she and Young Ran were friends in school, they moved in different social circles, and that she is ashamed of what her own life later became; in effect, she has to hide it so that Seung Mi would be "good enough" to be Young Ran's daughter-in-law.

Seung Mi observes "Again, it's because of me" and changes the subject: the next day is the 49th day after her stepdad's death, and what's her mom going to do about it? Sung Hee hasn't planned on doing anything; he's not Seung Mi's dad so whyis she going on about it? Seung Mi intends to go even without her mom, and the two quarrel about it. You are both so PWND.Hwan tells Granny he's off to buy his ticket back to the States. She tells him he isn't going back.

In fact, he isn't going anywhere if he is not self-supporting. Hwan whines, what is he going to do then? She tells him to make a plan about what he wants to do with his life, since he hates beef soup, and to bring that plan to her in a week's time.

Jung chimes in with her usual bird-brained comments, and Granny tells her to do the same thing. Haha. PWND. Eun Sung, looking a bit like an OJT student in ballet flats, a short black skirt, and a loose white jacket, arrives at Jin-Seong. [Contrast her clothes and Seung Mi's. Seung Mi is always well-dressed, fashionable, in heels; Eun Sung seems to go more for comfort in a sort of street style and flats. I dress like her most of the time though I wish I were more like Seung Mi, lol.] She grasps her necklace for courage, and goes in.

And the interview is conducted by.Granny! No surprise there. Eun Sung now learns what we've all known for a while: Granny is the president of Jin-Seong, the same company she prevented Eun Sung from getting an interview at when she pretended to have a tummyache.

Granny gets Eun Sung's side of the story on the bag debacle, and they end up more of having a conversation over cups of tea instead of an interview. Granny convinces Eun Sung to come live with her even if Hwan doesn't want her to. Omo, who's this coming into the building but Sung Hee? She sees Eun Sung walking out with Granny, and recalls Young Ran's words.

My my my, the lady's quick on the uptake. she puts things together immediately and realizes that Eun Sung is the stranger Young Ran was talking about. Be still my heart!.and we have Hwan and Seung Mi playing squash. Seung Mi slips and falls and Hwan tries to catch her. Anyway, he breaks her fall by landing beneath her so that her head is cushioned by his arm and shoulder. Awwww. The kid has a streak of chivalry beneath that tough facade. And I have to admit, they look so good together I wish they were the main couple.

They reminisce a bit; apparently Seung Mi, without naming names, has often told him about her " thundie's prattle" is not available at the domain right now. This domain expired, and it has to be renewed before it is lost.We already notified this site�s owners.

However, renewing expired domains becomes more costly and complicated as time goes by. We want to make sure they got the message.If you know this site�s owners, please get in touch and remind them to renew this domain before it�s too late. If you love kittehs, join me on Felisfire!

Collect and breed different species of winged fantasy cats!Join me on! Collect and breed virtual dragons. over 40 different types to choose from. Please bear in mind that I am not Korean, so a lot of the stuff dealing here with Korean culture are based on my own deductions from the drama itself, or research, and it may not be totally accurate, although I learned a lot about their culture just from this drama. If you're a Korean reading this blog and I might have misinterpreted or misread some cultural nuance, please feel free to explain it to me nicely. Episode 4The gals at Dramabeans say backhugs indicatea one-sided love on the part of the person doing the hugging.In Episode 3, we left Granny clinging to Eun Sung when the latter was about to leave her in the hospital after finding her unconscious at the bottom of a steep flight of stairs.

The doctor has just told Eun Sung that Granny has amnesia after she fell and hit her head. [I guess it's a foregone conclusion what happens next, huh?] Granny tells Eun Sung that she doesn't want to be alone, and Eun Sung remembers what she overheard Granny say earlier, during the altercation with the other vendor, that she's an old woman without any family.

So she brings Granny home, but she hasn't got any food in the house aside from the leftover mandoo that she wasn't able to sell that day. Anyway, she eats with Granny, reminds her to take the medicine the doctor gave her, and says that she has to go out again for a while. Hwan still hasn't gotten up for the day; he is sulking in bed in his room.

Young Ran comes in to tell him to go and eat and that Granny left home very early that morning. He tells his mom to book him a ticket back to America but she dithers and tells him to talk with Granny first. [Yeah,�since, you know, Granny really is the one paying for everything since it seems she's the only one in the family who actually works.]At Eun Sung's, Granny is huddled in a corner, trying to come to terms with losing her memory.Hwan-way ticket, Hwan-way ticket, Hwan-way ticket to the blue.Hwan is still mad at her.

After speeding his car, he goes to book a one way ticket [Hwan-way ticket? Heh. Heh. Heh.] back to New York. [I sure would like to know how he figures he can live there on his own if Granny won't want to support him anymore. But I guess that fact hasn't hit him yet.] When she gets home, she is met outside by Hye Ri, who wants to know how Eun Sung proposes to take care of Granny on top of the other things she has to do.

You know, like selling mandoo, paying for the house, buying food for herself, and looking for Eun Woo. But Eun Sung says that it's because she hopes that someone somewhere also took in Eun Woo and took care of him like she did Granny. Hye Ri asks what she would do if Granny doesn't get her memory back, and advises Eun Sung to take Granny to the police and let them take care of her.

But Eun Sung says that Granny doesn't have any family anyway, and Hye Ri then tells her to send Granny away. You know, like she's a stray cat or something. What they don't know is that Granny has overheard them. When Eun Sung comes in and asks Granny how she is and if she remembers anything, Granny thus goes on the defensive, saying that it's her fault for hitting her head, and that she might be a beggar woman without any family, especially with what she is wearing.

[Heh, she's fixated on her clothes, which we do know is a disguise.] So Eun Sung tells her that maybe those are her working clothes, and then shows Granny some clothes that she bought for her. Meanwhile, Hwan is drinking in a bar, where the bartender is his sidekick Young Suk.

Seung Mi meets him there, and he tells her he's going back to America the day after next, and that he's not coming back anytime soon. Which of course shocks and saddens Seung Mi [how would she get�him to propose to her if he's not there?] and she has a few drinks herself.

He's startled and tries to stop her at first because she can't hold her drinks very well. She then asks him why he likes America so much; is it because he hates it brilliant legacy dorama 5 recap dramabeans home?

She then proceeds to get drunk, and reproaches him, telling him that he is a bad guy."You acted like you don't know, but undoubtedly you knew about my feelings. You did not say that you don't want to or you want to." He tells her that she should remember his temper and that he doesn't stay with people he doesn't want to be with.

Then he asks her what's so good about a person like him, and she tells him "Warmth. To me." Because, you see, Seung Mi is the only person that Hwan has ever shown affection�for. And she moves in real close. and Hwan lifts his hand. .and for a moment there Hwan and I [pwahaha, how would you have me say it? I was thinking it and it was obvious Hwan was too!] thought she was going to actually get up her courage and kiss him, but at the last moment she turns her head aside and lays it on his shoulder and embraces him, and Hwan drops his hand again.

He looks a bit disappointed.I should look so great in an outfit that simple!He takes her outside, and they have to wait for a driver because none of them could drive in that condition. Seung Mi comes over to him and hugs him from the back and asks him not to go.Yeah, pretty much sums up their relationship, doesn't it?At Granny's house, Young Ran and Jung are interrogating Butler Pyo as to Granny's whereabouts, but they aren't getting anything out of him, because he doesn't know where Granny is either, and she left her cellphone behind.

Butler Pyo says however that Granny does these things for a�reason, although they may not know what it is. At Eun Sung's, Granny tells Eun Sung that if she still doesn't remember anything the next day she will go to the police station herself.

In the early morning, Granny wakes up to see Eun Sung making mandoo [rice dumplings, apparently not the usual mandoo] while half asleep. She wants to�go with Eun Sung, and gives suggestions as to how to serve the mandoo [with dwenjang and hot soup]. Young Ran finds that Granny's bed still hasn't been slept in.

While Young Ran, Jung and Butler Pyo worry over what's happened to Granny, Hwan naps on the sofa. His mom nags him why he isn't worried that something might have happened to his grandma, he just says that it's because Granny doesn't know how to make it up to him after she hit him, and thus she's avoiding him.

[Self-centered much, kiddo?] Butler Pyo looks resigned, but then he knows that there's some truth in what Hwan said: Granny went out because she wanted to think about what to do about her grandson.Granny and Eun Sung are selling mandoo.

Extras on the side: dwenjang, hot soup, and an Eun Woo flier. At home, Eun Sung does the exact same thing that Granny does with money: she straightens each bill out very carefully and flattens them on the table. When Granny tells her to come and eat, she says she will after she finishes with the money, so Granny asks how come she cares so much about money at her young age, and her answer also echoes Granny's earlier remark, that money is scary. And that makes Granny's memory come flooding back."My dad passed away because of money.

I lost Eun Woo because of money. I can't do better in finding my brother because I don't have the money. I. if I manage to find Eun Woo I will really work hard to earn money."Eun Sung keeps up this monologue while straightening out the bills; she is facing away from Granny so she can't see the expressions playing across the old lady's face as the revelations burst in on her and she remembers her grandson who doesn't even know the value of money.

Granny finally drops her spoon and clutches her head, and Eun Sung comes running asking if she has a headache.Having failed to get any information out of Butler Pyo, Young Ran goes running to Director Park next. He promises to check if Granny has had an accident or something. She tells him to tell her family that she will" thundie's prattle" is not available at the domain right now.

This domain expired, and it has to be renewed before it is lost.We already notified this site�s owners. However, renewing expired domains becomes more costly and complicated as time goes by. We want to make sure they got the message.If you know this site�s owners, please get in touch and remind them to renew this domain before it�s too late. Brilliant Legacy is a new Korean drama that I have been following for a few weeks.

This episode really had so many important scenes to it that I couldn�t really leave many of them out, so I hope you enjoy this! It�s my first recap so please go easy.??Current OST Addiction: ??-Spring RainWe start the episode with Jun Se asking Eun Sung to see him as a man and not just as an oppa. Eun Sung leaves Jun Se�s proposal on hold, claiming she cannot live happily in love while her brother is still missing.

I think even if Eun Sung did not have feelings for Jun Se, in a better situation, she would still accept his proposal because she is the kind of person who feels the need to return favors and to make things up to people (though I say that is always a horrible reason for anyone to start a relationship).Jun Se accepts her decision better then most guys would, after all he still has a chance.Eun Sung feels guilty for turning him down, Jun Se has been there for her through all her hard times.As the mood gets heavier, Jun Se lightens it with a smile.

He might have strong feelings, but his selfless side is not so quick to abandon ship.This takes lots of restraint. I don�t think Hwan would be able to do this.They both take a moment to smile.Meanwhile at the house of Halmuni�Hwan sits in his room, probably thinking about Eun Sung.??Halmuni�s room is invaded by her daughter-in-law.They meet to discuss the current situation of Jung.

Apparently Jung is a mess and her mother wants Eun Sung to leave to make things better.A worried Halmuni heads to Jung�s room to check on Jung.Jung is torn. Her lover/future sugar daddy doesn�t love her.

Boo hoo.How could this happen to me!?!Jung blames Halmuni and Eun Sung and then returns to her lovely new home below her comforter. Too bad she won�t just stay there.Halmuni goes outside and discusses her sympathy for Jung with the butler.Eun Sung arrives home during this discussion and proceeds to chat with Halmuni.The butler looks at her a little terrified knowing the current situation.But he still smiles at Eun Sung.

That butler is such a good person. I hope he doesn�t end up with the spoiled daughter-in-law like people keep noting.Eun Sung is so happy to talk with Halmuni�however Halmuni�s sentiments are not the same.She gives Eun Sung the cold shoulder as Eun Sung tries to discuss current the current anniversary project and Hwan with Halmuni.Shocked, Eun Sung retreats into the household via Halmuni�s request.The butler is always on Eun Sung�s side??Halmuni has a drink.

What has happened to our loving grandmother?Inside the house troubles brewing�Jung�s Mom stares Eun Sung up and down and starts asking her questions about Jun Se.Eun Sung is shocked at this interest as Jung�s mom rambles on.Hwan listens from his room to the commotion in the hallway.It isn�t long before Jung joins her Mom in this bashing of Eun Sung.Now Eun Sung is outmatched two to one as the bashing continues.Eun Sung starts to break down�Jung still raves on in her destructive ways.Hwan continues to listen.And emerges!Everyone is shocked to see this.

Hwan handles the situation and takes away his evil mother and sister.He yells at his family to stop attacking Eun Sung. Hwan tells Jung that she should be mad at Jun Se and not at Eun Sung. To think that once Hwan was like these people just really shows much progress he has made since we were first introduced to his character.Around town, Jun Se comes home to an upset household as well.His father immediately starts yelling at him for dating a woman behind his back.

Most dads would say that the fact their son is dating is great, but not this one. Jun Se�s dad could easily control him if Jun Se let him, let�s hope he never does.Jun Se�s bro drops the news about Jung finding out about Jun Se and Eun Sung�s dinner night.Jun Se is horrified for what he knows is probably happening to Eun Sung. He calls Eun Sung to see if she is okay.Eun Sung says things are not all that bad.Let�s not forget that this is thanks to Hwan�s change of heart.??Hwan looks down at Eun Sung from above.

He is becoming mesmerized when he sees her now.The next morning comes�Eun Sung greets Halmuni and is completely ignored.??Halmuni sits for breakfast and is informed that Jung will not be eating breakfast with them.Hwan looks at Eun Sung�s empty chair with such a sad look.??Eun Sung informs the family that she will not be joining them for breakfast and takes off leaving Hwan alone.Hwan waits alone at the bus station.Every time Hwan thinks of Eun Sung he seems to close his eyes, a little shamefully.

His feelings sadden him because he doesn�t think he has what it takes to be with her. It�s interesting to watch him in this situation considering in the beginning of the show his arrogance made him believe he owned the world.It�s a new day at work and today�s first task to is to write notes about other workers.As Hwan is told about it by Eun Sung he replies to her respectfully as his boss and everyone is shocked.Hwan easily figures out what to write about most of his co-workers until he comes to Eun Sung�Eun Sung is also quickly jotting down notes until she comes to Hwan�s card.Once the cards are put away it�s time to go out and promote the upcoming 30th anniversary event of Franchise #2.Aha, Hwan some difficulties and Eun Sung eventually makes him trade places with her.Now Hwan is complaining because he doesn�t want to hold up the sign.

He puts the sign up too high for Eun Sung to reach and when she complains he simply says that it is high enough for a man to see to which Eun Sung quickly reminds him that not all customers are men.Eun Sung squeezes between Hwan�s arms to get some tape in.He starts staring at her all weird.They just sit there for a moment.Hwan stays in the same position even though Eun Sung is done until she calls him out for it and he puts his arms down in shock.A man walks by and Eun Sung proceeds to give him a flyer.

He claims he will only attend if Eun Sung is there. Eun Sung entertains his gesture.Much to the annoyance of Hwan.Hwan calls Eun Sung out and starts to express his distaste for her carefree attitude despite losing her brother and father.

He makes her feel really bad and starts to regret saying anything at all.Jun Se visits Jung to try and make her get off Eun Sung�s back. Jung almost catches him, but he quickly throws her back off course.Jung asks Jun Se why he likes Eun Sung and he says it�s hard to describe, but she has a special spirit.Meanwhile�Hwan and Eun Sung are having lunch.Eun Sung has no appetite thanks to Hwan�s kind words earlier.

Hwan points out that Eun Sung did not even have breakfast, Hwan is really showing his concern for her but it goes ignored as she gives him her food.Seung Mi meets with Eun Sung�s �friend� to get whatever dirt she can. Seung Mi discovers Hwan has been following Eun Sung around.Seung Mi�s mother is informed by Jung�s mother that Halmuni will be throwing Eun Sung out of the house.

The evil step-mother lets out an evil smile of victory.Back at Franchise #2, the workers get their comment cards back.Hwan reads through his cards and comes upon a peculiar one.The card reads that the person does not think Hwan is a bad person although he has a temper.Hwan wonders if it could be Eun Sung who wrote this.After work Eun Sung sits at the train station still upset over her issue with Halmuni. She refuses to get on the bus with Hwan and stays behind on the bench.Eun Sung receives a call from Jun Se and tries to perk up, only to be discovered by him.

One must wonder if Jun Se has a tracking device on Eun Sung because he always finds her a lightning speeds.Jun Se asks if Eun Sung has been avoiding him because she doesn�t like him and she says that is not the case and rambles on again about her brother.Given all the turbulence at home Eun Sung decides to go stay at her old place with Hye Rin.Jung�s Mom suspiciously takes Eun Sung�s message.At the mere mention if Eun Sung, Hwan�s attention is drawn.Halmuni thinks aGrowth and change are harder to attain than one would really like.Song of the Day: Luv Punch by Instant Romantic FloorEpisode 18 brings us back to the bus stop with Eun Sung�s father.

He watches as Eun Sung passes by, but despite his best efforts he cannot catch up with her. Shocked to see Eun Sung (considering her evil step-mother�s story that Eun Sung had left town), Eun Sung�s father heads to meet the step-mother as planned.I�ve always wondered why buses never seem to stop for pedestrians chasing after them in dramas.The evil step-mother purchases the fasted ticket she can get out of Seoul and waits for Eun Sung�s father to arrive.

When Eun Sung�s father arrives, he breaks the news to the evil step-mother that he will not be leaving Seoul because he saw Eun Sung.Despite some attempts to convince him, the step-mother is defeated as he announces that he will find Eun Sung even if he has to search every corner of Seoul. Bad news for step-mother.Meanwhile at Jun Se�s restaurant he meets with his father.Jun Se�s father selfishly asks Jun Se to stop seeing Eun Se because she is blocking his success, already aware of how Jun Se feels about her.

Not only does Jun Se�s father lack compassion in business, but he also lacks compassion towards his own son. It�s a good thing that Jun Se is holding his ground against his father, but I fear for the day that this might cave. Perhaps in emotional turmoil, Jun Se�s father will use it as an opportunity to control him.

The father threatens to disown Jun Se if he continues to see Eun Sung.Elsewhere�Hwan is wondering why Eun Sung and Jun Se meet so much even though they are not dating. Hwan frequently seems to feel like he is stuck in Jun Se�s shadow and that Jun Se shines in front of Eun Sung. Poor Hwan is still unaware of what�s happening inside of Eun Sung.Eun Sung shows up in front of Hwan�s room and debates whether to knock his door or not.

Part of Eun Sung feels guilty to Seung Mi because of how much Seung Mi said Hwan mattered. Before she can decide what to do he shocks her by opening the door.Hwan asks Eun Sung what�s going on and all she does is awkwardly say hello before running off up the stairs.Hwan wonders why Eun Sung was standing outside his door.Seung Mi tries to clean her conscience by posting about Eun Woo online.

When her mother discovers this, she, of course, throws a fit and starts rambling about how Eun Sung�s father will be staying in Seoul to find Eun Sung, much to Seung Mi�s dismay and torture.

I find it interesting that even when these villains are still running free, they are still tortured by the things they do from worry and fear.Seung Mi then admits to her mother that Hwan likes Eun Sung and that Seung Mi wishes to seek Eun Woo to perhaps get Eun Sung to ignore any feelings that Eun Sung might have for Hwan.

A major blow for Seung Mi�s mother who tried to ignore her hunch that Hwan and Eun Sung might develop feelings for each other.Hwan comes to Eun Sung�s room requesting to have a business meeting with her.They discuss the current wedding hall and have a disagreement because Hwan wants to make the hall change to their food company, but Eun Sung says that it would be against the wishes of Halmuni because it would cause grief to the wedding hall.Hwan eventually agrees to help seek out new businesses and not hinder others, but claims the idea is still his (with Eun Sung taking the responsibility if it�s unsuccessful�sneaky?? ).Looks like we have a spy??Downstairs the Halmuni and brilliant legacy dorama 5 recap dramabeans daughter-in-law discuss the jaesa ceremony plans and the daughter-in-law notes that Hwan is usually abroad for his father�s memorial day.Jung runs downstairs to report how weird it is that Hwan and Eun Sung are having a meeting upstairs, when he said he would get the business back (she then covers her mouth realizing she spilled the beans)The Halmuni smiles at this, recognizing that she realizes the attachment that is appearing between Hwan and Eun Sung and the change in him.Eun Sung and Hwan get to work and try their best to get contracts at various businesses.Eun Sung�s father waits around the bus station to see if she will appear but has no luck.Hwan looks at his calender with the day of his father�s jaesa ceremony marked in red.Jun Se appears unexpectedly and asks the Manager if Jun Se can borrow Eun Sung for some tea on the roof.

Of course the Manager happily agrees and Hwan watches as Jun Se and Eun Sung head for the roof.Some customers arrive. One of them doesn�t seem to like the place and complains of the smell of grease. Hwan still politely greets them and takes them to a table.Jun Se discusses business with Eun Sung and she claims that it will be hard but they have to succeed and they are working very hard for it.

Jun Se offers to introduce Eun Sung to possible clients but she declines. Claiming that her and Hwan must use their strength together as a distressed face appears on Jun Se�s face. She also says that Halmuni would want Eun Sung to achieve success with Eun Sung�s own talent.Jun Se continues to go on about how hard it will be, certainly not being Mr.

Positive about it (because he wants Eun Sung to lean on him for help). Jun Se mentions that Eun Sung has an odd relationship with Hwan and that he thought she would be uncomfortable with him (though in earlier episodes before knowing Hwan�s feelings, he seemed to try and foster their friendship), and Eun Sung defends Hwan for bringing out her competitive spirit and helping her. She also says that it was Hwan�s idea to play fair.Back downstairs, Eun Sung and the Manager observe Hwan treating a child customer well and making her smile.Eun Sung can�t help but smile at what she sees.As Hwan gets ready to head back�Hwan is tripped by the customer�s leg hanging out in the aisle and falls to the floor as his clothes is hit with stains.Eun Sung tries to go help him but the Manager holds her back.

Wishing to observe how Hwan takes this matter.The customer hands Hwan a check for dry cleaning, a true insult to Hwan and things come full circle. Hwan used to be the guy that handed out money freely to deal with people and didn�t have any consideration for others and now Hwan is the opposite and sees what an ugly person he used to be.Eun Sung is so shocked that she tries to come to Hwan�s rescue again but the Manager holds her back again.

Eun Sung�s concern for Hwan really comes through strong here. We can see her empathy for him.Hwan swallows his anger and declines the money from the man, Eun Sung feels even more for him now.

Hwan heads up to the roof.Hwan feels disgusted with both that man and himself. This is part of Hwan�s growth, he has to deal the person he was to become someone new.Eun Sung comes up to check on him.Eun Sung brings Hwan a towel to wipe off the food from his clothes and when Hwan doesn�t accept it, Eun Sung herself starts wiping his clothes, as Hwan watches in awe.Hwan takes the towel and starts wiping himself.Eun Sung lets out her steam about that customers behavior and Hwan immediately takes it as her trying to gloat in his face that what he used to do is now happening to him.

Hwan can be really self-deprecating sometimes. Hwan reminds Eun Sung that he once did the same thing to her.*flash back to jerk Hwan*Eun Sung laughs at Hwan and admits that she does not hold grudges for long which brings Hwan to ask why she is so upset with the customer.

She is shocked when she can�t come up with an answer and simply says because they are partners.Eun Sung is saved by the bell, when the Manager calls.She seriously stampedes away from that roof.In the Manager�s office, the Manager approaches Hwan and recognizes his improvement, giving him an upgrade from part-time to full-time worker.All the employees clap for Hwan, symbolically this change is also part of Hwan�s growth and improvement from the guy he used to be.

Eun Sung slowly stops clapping taking a moment to reflect on Hwan�s changes.Hwan accepts his achievement both gracefully and respectfully. HiI think episode 6 is where I really fell in love with Brilliant Legacy.

So very very good!I adore Grandmother, I think Eun Sung is wonderful (total girlcrush), I think Hwan's Mom and Sis are a total waste of space (during the scene where Grandma tells everybody she is disowning them, Hwan is disbelieving and mad but also hurt, but Sis and Mom are just pissed off), I am enjoying Hwan's slow evolution into a human being, get a kick out of figuring what dastardly thing Stepmonster would do next, and really dislike Seung Mi.But I think it's this scene that sold me on him - he really is capable of feeling sorry and recognizing he is in the wrong.He still has a very long way to go, though.I have to say, while Lee Seung Gi is not my type at all, physically, he does a really good hurt face.Here he is after Eun Sung called him a bastard - of course that is why there is hope for him - he doesn't just get pissed off and shrug it off as of no account.And here he is being disowned.I have to say Grandma is being a bit selfish here - not in disowning him, Sis and Mom, as they richly deserve it, but in designating Eun Sung as the heir - she is doing it to force her useless family to reform, but that's rather unfair to Eun Sung, giving her an expectation for it to be snatched away later.ETA: Ahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa - Sis and Mom at the factory/dining outlet are hilarious - I literally LOLed.ETA2: Hwan + drunken karaoke = win.

I know Lee Seung Gi is a singer but I am not into kpop at all so that's all I know so I was very pleasantly surprised not to have my ears hideously assaulted by someone who sounded like a cat on acid (which is what drunken karaoke-ers usually sound like) but someone who actually has a nice voice and can hold a tune :P (I confess I am shallow because I found him automatically cuter because he can sing).ETA3: LOLOL, do his friends usually hang out with him just for the money?

LOLOL - with his personality, not too shocking. Also, using your limited amounts of cash for a lux hotel room = total fail. Lee Seung Gi (the actor) is 22 while his character is, not sure how old, but not much more than mid-20s (he finished college though so has to be 22 at least). Either way too young for me - I find his character interesting but can't drool over someone that much younger (ditto for someone like Kame or a lot of j-idols). but that's rather unfair to Eun Sung, giving her an expectation for it to be snatched away later.I thought that when Eun Sung found out, she didn't believe it.

As in, she knows that Grandmother is only doing it for the Hwan reformation. I'm pretty sure that's what I got from it.You need to finish soon so you can squeal with the rest of your f-list about this show! It's sooooo good and tonight's episode literally made my heart jump 3 beats faster. I haven't gotten to her finding out yet - hmmmm. Makes sense. Still, not entirely fair but oh well :)I am so amused at Stepmonster trying to land husband number 3.And seriously - I love the character development.

E.g. I went from burning Hwan hate to actually liking him mildly (while still thinking he needs to improve). haven't gotten to her finding out yetOops!

Sorry!And seriously - I love the character development.Yes. One of the main reason (actually THE main reason) I knew I was going to be sucked into this drama was because I wanted to see exactly HOW they were going to make Hwan likeable after making him a complete ass in the first few episodes. I mean, completely unreedemable.

And in the way that he had NO excuse for it, just his own spoiled brattiness.And honestly, the transition is so perfect. You're absolutely right. The character development is spot on. Gah. I don't mind spoilers like that - it was pretty clear she'd find out. Amd I just got to that point, too.I am now on start of 8 and I actually like Hwan now *shock* He still has a ways to go (can't wait until he finds out about what he did to Eun Sung in the beginning btw) but he is so much more human.Also, jail scene - AWESOME.I think part of the reason the story works is the ages.

He is fairly young - if he was still like the way he was in the beginning at 35, it would be another story. I don't care of lee seung gi physically either. He is cute, though, in his own way.As for Grandma and the inheritance, Eunsung knows why but you find out later that Grandma really does intend to give her the inheritance. Eunsung just assumes that Grandma is just doing it for reformation. He (Seung Gi) is 3.5 years younger than me and I like him for some reason.

I am rather weird though.I have to get through Fated To Love You (not really digging it) and watch a few other things, then I'll try watching this one. Just have to get the computer more.Do you know if there's anywhere online to watch Delicious Gakuin (a j-drama) other than mysoju??

They only have the first 5 eps. I think I'm at episode 12 or so (haven't really been paying attention) and I don't find it very watchable. I'm more interested in the other male/secondary and the dog than the main story. lol.I just tried there and they only have the first 6 eps. Someone suggested jdramas so I'll try there too. � anime - 522 uses� bollywood - 1043 uses� books - 1164 uses� boys over flowers - 465 uses� bridal mask - 240 uses� bsg - 603 uses� dorama list - 230 uses� doramas - 2961 uses� doramas2 - 2880 uses� doramas3 - 2660 uses� doramas4 - 2651 uses� doramas5 - 1120 uses� dr who - 255 uses� east of eden - 225 uses� eye candy - 724 uses� faith - 279 uses� fanfic - 307 uses� farscape - 351 uses� gloria - 222 uses� hana yori dango - 444 uses� hurt/comfort - 359 uses� iljimae - 224 uses� iris - 279 uses� kissing - 320 uses� korean - 291 uses� lee jun ki - 258 uses� lee min ho - 312 uses� manga - 528 uses� movies - 1037 uses� personal - 436 uses� poll - 439 uses� quotes - 261 uses� rant - 362 uses� screencaps - 2563 uses� screencaps2 - 618 uses� screencaps3 - 453 uses� screencaps4 - 1338 uses� screencaps5 - 736 uses� secondary otp - 225 uses� slash - 221 uses� slave hunters (a.k.a.

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